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Welding & Manufacturing Services

MANUFACTURING “VALUE” ENGINEERING – We ensure your product can be manufactured right the first time. Our Manufacturing Engineers examine your project, upfront. They analyze drawings and specifications for manufacturability and determine where efficiencies might be gained to save you both time and money. Our services include design assistance, material choices, weld-distortion shrinkage calculation, and application of proper weld symbols.

CRITICAL (PRECISION) WELDING – We handle every detail of your project, and that’s how we’ve earned a national reputation for welding excellence. We follow qualified Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS), and provide: 

  • Design and Manufacturing Engineering support
  • Experienced, Certified Welders
  • Certificate of Compliance (COC) documentation
  • Manufacturing documentation
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PERFORMANCE TESTING & NON-DESTRUCTIVE EXAMINATION (NDE) PRODUCT CONFORMANCE INSPECTION – We stand behind our work with a quality promise. This means that we literally build your requirements into your weldment through our processes. Our AWS certified welding inspectors thoroughly examine your weldment to ensure it meets your critical specifications.


  • Fabrication
  • Large Capacity Stress Relieve Oven
  • CNC Shape Cutting, Plasma & Oxy-Fuel

STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS  – We’ve developed relationships with the following providers of specialized services:

  • Radiographic Inspection
  • Metallurgical Failure & Stress Analysis
  • Large & Small Part Machining
  • Blast & Protective Coatings