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Code Welder

Purpose of Position:  The Code Welder is responsible for cutting, fitting and welding metal materials and assuring that company standards, national codes and customers’ specifications are met. Essential Job Specific Duties: Performs successfully all...

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30 Years of Dedication!

A Very Heartfelt Thank You to C4 Employees Anne Klem, Tom Pikus, and Todd Wheeler for 30 Years of Service!  We appreciate all you have done and your dedication!  Congratulations on this milestone!

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C4 Employee Named 1st Place GTAW Welder

Congratulations to C4 Welder Mikayla Asfeld! She completed in the 2019 Women in Welding Competition sponsored by Xcel Energy on Tuesday, March 26th and took 1st place in the GTAW Category! We are Proud and Excited to have her on staff!...

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Back to the Basics – Sub-Arc & Stick Welding

GTAW, GMAW, Sub-Arc and Stick Welding – What’s the difference?  Part 2 I was hoping to have a welding story for you by the time I sat down to write this article, but this wonderful MN winter got in the way of that.  The day I was supposed to go down and have my...

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Back to the Basics – GTAW & GMAW Welding

GTAW, GMAW , Sub-Arc and Stick Welding – What’s the difference?  Part 1 Have you all been wondering what I have learned recently? Well, I have decided to start with Welding Types. I will start with the prettiest, since that is my forte. TIG welding, also known as...

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Back to the Basics

  Having come from a background of doing hair for 18 years to now being in the marketing department of a welding and machining company, I have realized that I have so much to learn.  My first couple of weeks here were very laughter filled...

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