Purpose of Position:  The Code Welder is responsible for cutting, fitting and welding metal materials and assuring that company standards, national codes and customers’ specifications are met.

Essential Job Specific Duties:

  1. Performs successfully all responsibilities of the Code Welder position, maintaining a minimum of 3 weld certifications.
  2. Reads and interprets blueprints with detailed drawings and dimension styles.
  3. Prepares weld surfaces as required.
  4. Sets up, positions and operates hand and power tools such as shielded metal arc and gas metal arc welding equipment.
  5. Determines welder settings required on project.
  6. Verifies final weld penetration and aesthetics.
  7. Welds prep and fit-up of steel parts.
  8. Welds according to all appropriate codes and procedures.
  9. Uses basic measuring skills to convert English and Metric systems.
  10. Uses basic math skills to calculate and convert decimals and fractions as needed.
  11. Monitors quality of weld using appropriate tools and measuring devices.
  12. Checks welding process to avoid overheating of parts or warping, shrinking, distortion or expansion of material.
  13. Performs grinding, gouging, chipping operating a grinder, cutting torch, etc.
  14. Operates forklift, as needed, according to safe operating procedures.
  15. Performs all functions safely and follows all safety standards and procedures.

Essential Associate Job Duties:

  1. Improves him/herself in any way possible to enhance job performance
  2. Understands and promotes the ISO 9001/2015 culture ensuring that every function and operation happens with high quality.
  3. Promotes C4 Welding, it’s mission, philosophies, values, programs and achievements to the public and other employees
  4. Identifies organizational problems and opportunities for improvement and brings solutions and suggestions to management’s attention.
  5. Functions as a team member by assisting supporting and encouraging other employees in any way possible.
  6. Performs related work as required, willingly and eagerly. The employee adheres to all company policies.

Education and Experience:

  • High School Diploma plus technical college, preferred
  • 1 Year of related experience preferred

The employee is expected to adhere to all company policies.

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