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Industries Served

Oil & Gas

Within the oil and gas industry, failures can be catastrophic. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure welds in this market are flawless and meet customer requirements. Cladding is a process widely used in the oil and gas industry which bonds corrosion-resistant alloys or hard surface alloys onto base metal of components that are generally used in a high corrosion or high temperature environment.

Power Generation

We weld close-tolerance, large or small parts for critical environments such as nuclear, wind power generation, and for power and process piping. This includes gas turbine fuel systems and high-pressure hydraulic piping.

Pressure Vessel Tanks

Engineering and fabricating pressure vessels and tanks has been an integral part of C4 Welding’s history. Whether we are manufacturing ASME vessels (such as aerators, separators and treaters) or atmospheric and non‐code tanks, our experienced engineers and highly skilled workforce will design and build exactly to your specifications. C4 Welding is completely dedicated to providing you with products that are in absolute compliance with ASME codes backed by testing and certification with our in‐house testing facilities and processes.

Military & Government Contracts

Manufacturing for military and government projects is always complex in scope, stringent in process and critical in performance. C4 has decades of experience assisting many government agencies and all branches of service. This depth of knowledge allows us to accelerate through early stages and get projects underway as quickly as possible. It also provides us with a more confident ability to bid each project with greater accuracy.

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