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Purpose of Position:  Requires a broad knowledge of machining techniques and familiarity with computer numerically controlled machine tool operating procedure.   Setups involve familiarity with and understanding of program formats involving combinations of operations such as profile and contour milling, boring, recessing turning, drilling, threading etc. to the capacity of the machine and control factor.   A strong candidate must be able to perform all aspects from set up, running a variety of machines, and quality checks to ensure compliance to customer specifications.   

We are currently seeking a skilled operator for Vertical Machining, Turning Center, Lathes, and Mills.

Essential Job Specific Duties:

  1. Knows and follows all safety standards, policies, and procedures.
  2. Reads and interprets blueprints and routings.
  3. Completes all necessary documentation thoroughly and on time.
  4. Obtains and stages materials from inventory as needed.
  5. Programs, loads, and operates machines in a safe and efficient fashion.
  6. Unloads machine and stages material in appropriate areas.
  7. Monitors quality on a continuous basis and takes corrective action as needed.
  8. May set up machines and instruct other operators as needed.
  9. Ability to run a variety of machines such as vertical machining, turning center, lathes, and mills.
  10. Maintains work area in a clean, orderly fashion.

Essential Associate Job Duties:

  1. Improves him/herself in any way possible to enhance job performance
  2. Understands and promotes the ISO 9001/2015 culture ensuring that every function and operation happens with high quality.
  3. Promotes C4 Welding, it’s mission, philosophies, values, programs and achievements to the public and other employees
  4. Identifies organizational problems and opportunities for improvement and brings solutions and suggestions to management’s attention.
  5. Functions as a team member by assisting supporting and encouraging other employees in any way possible.
  6. Performs related work as required, willingly and eagerly. The employee adheres to all company policies.

Education and Experience:

  • High School plus Technical College, preferred
  • 3 to 5 years of applicable experience

Senior Machine Operator 07.20