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About C4

Where Quality is Critical, When Schedules are Tight; Count on C4 to ProvideWhatever it Takes

C4 Welding, Inc. began on April 1, 2013 as WFSI Inc., We changed our name from WFSI Inc. to C4 Welding, Inc. May 2014. The current ownership team consists of several experienced industrial entrepreneurs who have had success building and operating manufacturing businesses.

Today, C4 Welding has over 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space broken down into:
     3 Pressure Vessel Welding Bays
     Fabrication Area
     Machining Center
     Assembly Areas
     Sand-Blasting Booth
     Paint Booth
     Wash Bay
     In-House Training Center

Our dedicated and knowledgeable team’s welding, machining, and manufacturing experiences allows us to manage and build your projects on time while keeping your specifications in mind.

C4 Welding’s, Commitment to our customer’s success and our community, having a Can – Do and responsive attitude, with the Capacity to quickly scale the operation to support customers’ Critical welding requirements, are the four core tenants that our name is built on, and are the factors that assure our customers they will receive what our name signifies.

Whatever it takes” is our promise to our customers to satisfy their needs every time.

What We Value and the Way We Conduct Our Business

We don’t play games. We are well-versed in proper methods of welding, and each project receives this attention to detail. Our reputation and customer expectations are too important to take shortcuts.
We build to print and specifications and take no shortcuts. We offer a product guarantee on everything we produce.
If we have issues with drawings, specifications, materials or situations we can’t build to, we communicate to the customer, upfront…no surprises!

“I can’t tell you enough how great it is to be able to work with a team that can accurately coordinate everything with the right people and the right tools, and the right plan to get it all done.”

Oil and Gas Industry Customer

“Working with a company like C4 that has not only technical talent but the confidence in what that talent can do went a long way in engineering our project’s complete success.”

US Military Procurement Customer


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